Betting line on eSports events

There is a wide range of bets that can be placed on cybersport events, from betting on which player will win a match, to betting on how many kills a particular player will commit. As the overall value of the industry continues to grow, this is an increasingly lucrative area for bettors and players alike. In this article, we look at which markets you can bet on and give some betting tips.

Every week, sports fans around the world place bets on an ever increasing number of matches in football, basketball, hockey and other popular sports. Cybersport is probably the only industry where betting is even more widespread than in traditional sports, thanks to the availability of live streaming and the fact that betting is unregulated in most countries.

There are many cybersports betting sites and most markets will be quite similar, with only minor differences, but we will list the most popular ones and look at their comparisons. The biggest difference between the eSports bookmakers is often the odds for certain matches, as many bookmakers don’t offer all the markets available due to the difficulty of getting the right information on certain teams/players.


Betting on cyber sports is high risk and can be extremely lucrative, but it is still very different from traditional sports. The main difference is that your knowledge of cyber sports teams is not as important as you might think – most people who bet online are more interested in the odds than the actual teams. This means that an inexperienced player can gain an advantage if they can find a bookmaker offering good odds on the upset.

Betting lines in traditional sports are almost always accurate, but this is not the case in cybersport due to lack of information. This often means that the opportunities to make money from betting are better than you think, especially when it comes to odds above 3.00.

Betting lines are usually very different to what you’d expect to see in traditional sports, mainly because the lack of information means that bookmakers don’t need to be accurate in their odds. As mentioned above, this means that there are plenty of opportunities to make money by betting on matches with good odds.

A few cyber sports betting lines

As cyber sports betting is an unregulated market, the number of markets available for betting varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. However, most sites offer a large selection of bets and events to choose from. Generally, there are more markets on offer for major tournaments, but even for smaller events there may be several lines to consider. Some examples: 

League of Legends:

  • Winner of the Match (select one team)
  • Card Winner (select one card)
  • First Blood (choose if the first kill of the match will be the first kill of the match).


– Best of Series (select winner of multiple series of games)

Counter Strike Global Offensive:- Match winner (select one team)

– Winner of the map (select one map)

It’s important to note that many eSports bookmakers offer reduced odds on favourites to encourage betting. This means that if you can find a bookmaker who offers good odds on the favourite to win, you may still be able to make some money.

Betting rules

It’s also important to check the rules associated with each bet, as they can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. For example, some sites will only refund you if the team wins in regulation time (i.e. without going into overtime), while other sites may refund you even if the game goes into extra time. Different conditions apply to betting on different games, events and tournaments.

Tips: The betting possibilities in eSports are almost limitless due to the lack of team/player information. This means that you may find better odds than expected if you can get more information about the teams involved.

There’s no guarantee that knowing about the sports teams/players will help you make money, but it’s generally a good idea to bet on games where you know at least a little bit about both teams involved.


If your goal is to make a profit from betting on cyber sports, then you should try to find the best odds to win. This means that smaller events can offer better opportunities to make money from betting, but you should still find a bookmaker that offers better than average odds on such events. Large selection of eSports events at our bookmaker

Don’t be afraid to try out different markets and betting types, as lack of information about teams/players can give you an advantage if your knowledge is not as limited as that of other bettors. The best way to improve your betting is to learn from your mistakes and try to find better opportunities in the future.

: Posted in Betting Tips • Date: 22.02.2022