The main positions of the match, which you should pay attention to when calculating bets

When betting on sports matches, it is important to consider various aspects of the game and statistics in order to make an informed decision. Here are the main match positions to pay attention to.

The form of the teams

  • Recent results. Wins, losses and draws in recent matches.
  • Home and away games. How the team is playing at home and away.
  • Winning or losing streak. Long series can affect the psychological state of the team.

Team composition

  • Injuries and disqualifications. Absence of key players can significantly affect the outcome of the match.
  • Form of players. The condition of the main players in the team.
  • Substitutions and tactics. What line-up and tactics will be used in the match.

Statistics of personal meetings

  • Match history. How the teams have played each other in the past.
  • Results of recent meetings. Can show the current balance of power.

Team statistics

  • Goals per match. Average number of goals scored and conceded.
  • Defence and attack. Defence and attacking efficiency.
  • Possession of the ball. Percentage of time the team controls the ball.

Individual performance statistics

  • Top scorers: Players who score the most goals.
  • Goal Assists. Players who often give the most assists.
  • Goalkeeping saves. Goalkeeper efficiency.

Motivation and context of the match

  • Tournament position. Importance of the match for the teams in the context of the tournament.
  • Goals for the season. Fight for the title, qualify for the European Cup, avoid relegation.
  • Derby or crucial matches. Increased motivation in matches against historical rivals.

Match conditions

  • Weather. Meteorological conditions can affect the outcome of a match.
  • Field. Quality and type of surface (natural or artificial turf).
  • Refereeing. Who will referee the match, his style and statistics.

Odds and line movement

  • Initial odds. What the initial odds were.
  • Odds changes. How the odds changed before the match started.
  • Betting by other players. The volume of bets and how this affects the odds.

Expert analyses and predictions

  • Experts’ opinions. Analyses of forecasters and sports analysts.
  • Forecasts. Expected results from professionals.

Psychological factors

  • Pressure and expectations. Influence of fans’ and press expectations.
  • Intra-team atmosphere. Relationships within the team and morale.


Taking into account all the above factors helps to make a more accurate prediction on the outcome of the match and increase the probability of a successful bet. It is important to combine different sources of information and analyse them comprehensively.

: Posted in Betting Tips, Blog • Date: 14.06.2024